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Deal signed for Scottish border growth

A deal has been signed by five authorities for a £394.5million investment into growth around the Scottish border.

Representatives from five authorities from around the Scottish Border have signed a deal for investment in the area including transport, leisure, and business. The investment is hoped to improve job prospects and the economy around the borderlands as well as encouraging future spending.

Around £265million of the funding is coming from the English government, with £85million from the Scottish government and the rest from outside partners. Proposed projects are pending business approval and the deal was signed by Dumfries and Galloway Council, Carlisle City Council, Cumbria County Council, Scottish Borders and Northumberland County Council.

Jake Berry MP, Minister for the Northern Powerhouse, said: “This once-in-a-generation deal will deliver unprecedented investment in the Borderlands region while strengthening our cross-border links.”

“We have moved closer to finalising a deal which will deliver over 5,500 jobs, dramatically improve transport and digital connectivity, boost tourism and generate around £1.1 billion of economic benefits for the region.”

“With the combined strength of the UK, Scottish and local governments, let’s use this Borderlands Deal to realise a new era of regeneration, inclusive growth and limitless economic opportunities for the Borderlands and the whole of the Northern Powerhouse.”

Proposed projects include:

  • up to £19 million for a mountain bike innovation centre
  • up to £5 million for the development of the Lilidorei play village at Alnwick Gardens
  • up to £10 million joint funding with Scottish Government to assess the feasibility of extending the Borders Railway
  • up to £15 million in improvements at Carlisle railway station
  • up to £16.2 million in the South of Scotland to improve digital connectivity
  • up to £7.8 million to the development of a new business and employment site at Chapelcross
  • up to £4 million to support research and innovation in the dairy industry.
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