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Government releases advice on British Steel collapse

The government has released advice for employees and customers on how they will be affected by the British Steel collapse.

The information covers how trading, employment, and production will work in the face of the British Steel collapse. British Steel Ltd was ordered into compulsory liquidation by the High Court and appointed the Official Receiver as liquidator.

The Official Liquidator will be assisted by Hunter Kelly, Alan Hudson, and Sam Woodward of the EY acting as Special Managers. They will keep employees and customers informed of any changes.

A statement from the Official Reciever reads: “The immediate priority following my appointment as liquidator of British Steel is to continue safe operation of the site. I appreciate that this a difficult time for the company’s employees and I want to thank them for their ongoing cooperation.”

“The company in liquidation is continuing to trade and supply its customers while I consider options for the business. Staff have been paid and will continue to be employed. The court also appointed Special Managers to assist me with my work and they are engaging with staff and their representatives to keep them informed, as well as contacting British Steel’s customers.”

Staff will continue to be employed while the company is in liquidation. A staff helpline has been created (0161 333 2666) and special managers will keep staff informed of any changes during the process.

Trading will also continue during the liquidation process and special managers are contacting customers with any updates. Businesses that have worked with British steel or supplied goods are also being contacted to keep them updated on the company.

An email alert has been set up so those interested can receive the latest information about the liquidation of the company. New information will also be published on the UK government website.

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