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Highways England rebuilds Chieveley roundabout

Highways England has rebuilt the major Chieveley roundabout at junction 13 where the M4 motorway meets the A34 in Berkshire with the reopening of the roundabout having occurred on Monday 15th July 2019.

The maintenance work that was undertaken included the complete resurfacing of the roundabout, after it needed frequent repairs over the last few years and has been the most significant maintenance operation on the site since it was first constructed in the 1970s.

Work began on Friday 7th June 2019 and lasted for six weeks as Highways England set about resurfacing the entire roundabout with the renewed road achieving an ‘as new’ condition that will help to prevent further potholes.

The road closures which occurred where a necessity in order to accommodate the several items of heavy machinery which were required to excavate the surface and concrete base of the Chieveley roundabout down to a depth of 350mm.

It is hoped that the new road surface will provide drivers with more efficient journeys, safer road, and what will ultimately become a more pleasant driving experience that will not deteriorate as quickly as that which preceded it.

The Highways England project manager, Katarina Saradinova stated: “Most resurfacing just replaces the top layer of a road surface. For this major maintenance we have gone right down to the road’s foundation – more than 35 centimetres – and replaced the road layer by layer. By doing this we have made a long-lasting replacement that will minimise the need for future maintenance and will mean less disruption for the thousands of drivers who use it every day.

“I would like to thank people in and around Chieveley and on the diversion routes, for their patience over the last six weekends, as well as drivers on the M4 and A34.”

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