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HS2 designs new Automated People Mover

HS2 and the Urban Growth Company (UGC) have unveiled designs for a new driverless transport system that will connect the Solihull Interchange Station with new stops at Birmingham Airport, Birmingham International Station, and the National Exhibition Centre.

The Automated People Mover (APM) will consist of vehicles of approximately 20m in length that will be capable of carrying 2,100 passengers per hour in each direction and will travel on a viaduct for the entire route which will be at a height of 12m at its highest point.

Additionally, the APM will have services every three minutes that will travel across the 2.3km route between the Solihull Interchange and Birmingham Airport within six minutes while also being maintained at a dedicated facility located along the viaduct on the eastern side of the M42 crossing.

Mark Thurston, CEO of HS2 Ltd, stated: “HS2 is about connecting the country, and the people mover is another example of how we will do that.

“The high speed connection into Interchange Station opens up the UK Central Hub, the NEC, Birmingham International station and Birmingham Airport to new business and leisure customers who might not have chosen this area previously.

“With the airport being only 6 minutes from the station, it means better options for air travellers, and makes it more accessible to even more of the UK.”

The three stops along the APM route will be fully accessible and will be designed using colour to provide clear way finding for passengers with information screens and audio announcements providing live journey updates for both HS2 and the APM services.

Jonathan Bretherton, Managing Director of the Urban Growth Company, said: “The APM will be a vital and exciting link, connecting HS2 and the Arden Cross site to the NEC and Birmingham Airport, making the whole area easily navigable for those choosing to live, work or play here.

“Our planned redevelopment of Birmingham International Station to accommodate a realigned APM, will make sure the Interchange Station is fully connected to the local and regional transport network.”

Applications will be submitted by HS2 to the Solihull Borough Council following the completion of further designs events, in partnership with UGC, in Autumn 2019.

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