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Who are the UKIS partners for 2020?

Over a turbulent past three years, in terms of politics and economy, infrastructure has been one of the few sectors to perform consistently despite wave after wave of uncertainty. This year is planned to be no exception, with upcoming strategies and projects set to be discussed at length during the UK Infrastructure Show (UKIS) 2020, which takes place at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham on the 9th September.

During this year’s UKIS event, infrastructure sector professionals are given the opportunity to integrate with one another and gain insight into other public and commercial strategies as well as learn about major infrastructure projects such as HS2 and Crossrail. In doing this, individuals and companies can also engage with their existing supply chains and prospective supply chain partners, providing small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with the opportunity to grow and offer a hand in delivering these major infrastructure projects.

This year the UKIS partners will include the likes of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), HS2 Ltd, Sellafield Ltd, Glenigan, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), the Defences Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), CompeteFor, the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), the Crown Commercial Service (CCS), Transport for the North, Construction Online, Supply2Gov, Pass Procurement, Cyber Essentials, Delta eSourcing, and Tracker.

From this lengthy list of partners it is easy to spot the public sector organisations such as the IPA, RICS, DIO, NIC, and CCS, which can all provide significant insight into upcoming government strategy and spending, all of which will be of vital importance after the announcement of the 2020 Budget, which took place of the 11th March.

However, of equal importance are the major infrastructure project organisations such as HS2 Ltd and Sellafield Ltd.

The presence of HS2 Ltd presents some very intriguing and important opportunities for potential supply chain partners and SMEs who wish to attend the event, as the project was recently announced as going forward by the central government following a lengthy and controversial review process. The British Government’s renewed commitment to HS2, arguably taking on a ‘continue at all cost’ approach, presents some undeniable opportunities for potential suppliers and subcontractors, making their presence at UKIS this year, as a partner, all the more a reason to attend.

Similarly, the presence of Sellafield Ltd likewise offers motivation for potential supply chain partners to attend, despite the site’s virtual completion, as the need for repair and maintenance subcontractors and logistical partners is one which naturally persists at a nuclear waste disposal facility.

Moving the spotlight on to other UKIS partners, Glenigan are yet another organisation worth attending the NEC for, on account of their in-depth market analysis and forecasting which points companies to the right sectors for building a steady and consistent project pipeline. Obtaining a healthy project pipeline for the foreseeable future is one of the many reasons that companies attend UKIS, so making the most of this attending partner would be a wise move to anyone in Birmingham in September.

And lastly, the various other partners whose expertise lie within the fields of procurement and eSourcing, such as CompeteFor, Supply2Gov, Pass Procurement, Delta, and Tracker, can assist a multitude of attendees at UKIS. Whether you represent an organisation which is a procurer or an organisation which is seeking to be procured, the services which these companies provide can save you a lot of time and stir up opportunities you may never have thought existed.

Some opportunities only come once, so to make the most these partners all being in under one roof we suggest you take the excuse to get out of the office and come over to UKIS 2020 on 9th September 2020.


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