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Government proposes HS2 junctions to connect the North

Secretary of State for Transport Nusrat Ghani has proposed new HS2 junctions and other improvements to boost rail connections in the North.

Nusrat Ghani has launched a consultation to improve aspects of the high-speed rail project and includes additional HS2 junctions in the North. The HS2 Phase 2B Design Refinement Consultation seeks to improve environmental, technical, service and cost aspects of the scheme.

Ghani has proposed infrastructure improvements that would allow Northern Powerhouse Rail to use the HS2 route, with two additional junctions added to the HS2 Manchester line. The service could then be opened up for a line connecting Manchester to Liverpool and Liverpool to London.

Nusrat Ghani said: “Design work on the scheme continues and where further change is needed we will consult again ahead of bill deposit. Further scope to support the interfaces with NPR (including at Leeds) and Midlands Connect is currently being considered and is subject to future funding decisions.”

“This consultation also considers some works on the existing rail network that will allow for HS2trains to run between the south and our great northern cities.”

The consultation allows for members of the public to give feedback on how the line will affect their communities. Their feedback will be considered as part of the design and Environmental bill in Parliament.

Updated safeguarding guidelines and land requirements are also set to be published. The rural property support zones for phase 2b are also being extended, which connect property owners to compensation schemes.

The consultation on the 11 proposed improvements will run for four months and allow anyone to provide their views. The proposals and information on how to provide feedback are available on the government website.

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