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Major Solar PV Project to Cut Carbon in Coventry

Howard Ward Associates (HWA), a Midlands-based construction engineering consultancy, has been appointed by Ineco Energy to deliver a major solar PV project at 41 sites throughout Coventry.

The scheme, which is part of a wider decarbonisation strategy in the city, will deliver carbon reductions as well as renewable energy generation improvements across a wide number of council sites such as:

  • Sports facilities
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Cemeteries
  • Country Park visitor centres

HWA has specialist expertise in the solar PV sector, and has advised on major schemes throughout the UK. For Ineco, the practice has been appointed to provide surveys and assessments to determine the structural capacity for the installation of solar panels and inverters.

This ambitious programme is set to generate 1,840 MWh of energy, with the potential to save Coventry City up to £276,000 annually. Over the lifetime of these projects, it will save the carbon equivalent of planting 9,766 trees.

Phase one of the works saw the completion of six Coventry schools ahead of the new 2021/22 academic year; this was funded by the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme (PSDS).

Giles Ward, director at HWA, said: “We are really pleased to be working on a number of solar PV installations across Coventry alongside Ineco Energy. The scheme is contributing to the city’s decarbonisation strategy, helping to deliver carbon reductions and renewable energy systems on a significant scale.”

“This is a diverse industry in which we have gained extensive knowledge and experience since the field was in its infancy. It is great to see that solar PV installations have developed significantly, and their demand and accessibility continue to grow as local authorities, businesses and organisations across the UK seek energy-efficient solutions.”

Work has also started on Coventry Central Library, a council office building and Windmill Road Cemetery in the city, projects which are due for completion this month.

Angus Rose, director of Ineco Energy, commented: “We’re extremely proud to be helping Coventry City Council to reduce its carbon footprint with the installation of solar PV across the region. There has never been a more important time to reduce the carbon footprint of our communities and secure a greener future for generations to come.

“This part of the project, funded by PSDS, only scratches the surface of the ambitious project with Coventry City Council. The ongoing decarbonisation plans funded by ERDF will allow the council to make buildings more energy-efficient and help the region reach its net zero target.”

Phase two of the project will see solar PV being installed across 32 further Coventry City Council public buildings; it will be funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Ineco Energy specialises in the development, installation and ongoing management of renewable and energy-efficient solutions for local authorities, schools and businesses within England and Wales.

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