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Revolutionising Construction Health & Safety

Software developer and IT solutions provider Helastel has announced the launch of Illeso, a health and safety compliance application for the construction market, built on the Intelastel no code application development platform.

This new application fully digitises the sector’s current paper-based health and safety processes and allows documentation to be moved onto the cloud to enable secure on-demand online access from web browsers and mobile devices, for effortless filing, archiving and retrieval, enabling significant reductions in admin time.

The application allows the industry to share health and safety documents throughout development sites, in the case of operatives moving jobs, by using the application, there is a reduction in paperwork and also improves efficiency across the industry as a whole.

By moving the process of evidencing health and safety online, sites can also expect improvements in productivity thanks to better efficiency, reduced risk of litigation due to improved site compliance and removal of administration errors.

Illeso founder David Hunt commented: “Health and safety compliance is becoming more complex. Issues with compliance can often impact project timelines and can result in penalties for non-compliance. Our mission is for Illeso to become the gold standard for health and safety compliance, and we believe we have achieved that with the support of our partner Helastel and their product Intelastel. Due to Helastel’s support with the project, Illeso is a 100% paperless app, which can be used across multiple sites.

“Our driver at Illeso is in creating a community, and Intelastel has enabled this. As a new company, I don’t have a digital team, so being able to create and update my application myself is key to my operation. The great thing about Intelastel is that due to the no code nature of the platform we can adapt to any market quickly, meaning that if we see a use case for Illeso outside of construction, we can explore expanding our offering, supporting our growth as a business.”

Intelastel’s roadmapped Autonomous Software technology will accelerate the application-building process further via Data and Application Consciousness. Within the product build process, Data Consciousness will enable the platform to understand the data linked into the system, and intelligently suggest logical entry types during the build process, shortcutting manual configuration. Within product use, Intelastel’s upcoming Application Consciousness will identify how data is linked and processed within the application and make suggestions based on the problems users need to solve.

Iouri Prokhorov, Chief Executive Officer at Helastel, commented: “Software application development is currently completely reliant on humans, but this simply isn’t sustainable. The demand for delivery on digital projects outweighs the supply of developers skilled enough to provide the service. Digital runs through everything we do, which has been highlighted by the boost in digital transformation throughout the pandemic, so this issue will only grow. An automated solution is the only way to cope with the demand.

“Automation is starting to be used in some capacity in most industries, but we believe we will be the first to deliver an AI supported and completely automated software development solution.”

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