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Sheds and glasshouses exempt from planning permission

Plans are being made by the Welsh Government to simplify the process of acquiring planning permission for the erection of sheds and glasshouses on allotment sites so that planning permission will not be required at all for construction to go ahead.

According to Welsh ministers, legislation is being amended so that sheds and glasshouses can be constructed on allotment sites without the acquisition of planning permission being necessary, as it is currently a rule that said permission in needed before they can be built.

Amendments to this legislation should therefore permit the construction of sheds or glasshouses on each allotment plot, with certain restrictions in place to limit the size of said structures so that the allotments land, which is meant primarily to purpose of growth vegetables and keeping small livestock.

Conditions in regard to the extent of development on allotment land therefore state that there can only be one shed or glasshouse structure per 125sq m, an area which roughly covers half of the average allotment plot.

The Welsh Local Government Minister, Julie James stated: “Requiring planning permission for a shed or a glasshouse on an allotment, which is small in scale and has limited effects, is unnecessary. It imposes unwarranted costs on individuals and local planning authorities.

“I want the communities of the future in Wales to be places where people want to live, work and enjoy leisure activities. Providing support for community food growing and green infrastructure is essential to delivering this vision.

“Our allotments are not only great for growing our own food, they are a wonderful example of places that create opportunities for leisure and social interaction, while also supporting healthy and active lifestyles.

“I hope the changes we propose making to planning rules will allow our allotments to grow and thrive long into the future.”

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