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Triple decker junction enters final stage

Work is coming to a close at the North East’s first triple decker junction.

Located in North Tyneside, the A19 junction scheme comprises the construction of a new underpass to reduce congestion. Costing some £75M, the Highways England scheme will lower the A19 so it runs under the A1058 Coast Road. The latest updates from site see the Coast Road roundabout 70% complete with less than a year left on site.

Work on the project began back in June 2016, and works has seen three new bridges constructed, one to support the A1058 Coast Road over the Coast Road roundabout and two to carry the Coast Road roundabout over the newly lowered A19. More than 580 piles have been installed over seven-miles, the same distance to make a return journey through Tyne Tunnel to Silverlink, to support the structures, with two miles of new drainage. The project is being carried out by Sisk Lagan joint venture.

Now around 80,000cu m of soil is being removed and being used to help form the embankments on the nearby A19 Testos scheme.

Remaining works on the scheme will see improvement works to 1,175m of cycleway, while an extra 247m will be created, the same length as Tyne Tunnel. The gantries for improved signage will be installed and the roundabout completely resurfaced.

Highways England assistant project manager Steven Cox said: “This is a busy junction used by more than 80,000 drivers every day and we have produced a video to show the incredible transformation that has already taken place. We are nearly three quarters complete now with the main bulk of the work digging out the 80,000cu m of soil as the last major milestone.

“Drivers who use this junction regularly will already be able to see progress as the earth is removed to create the third layer of the junction which will mean drivers will be able to continue straight along the A19 underneath the roundabout.

“The final supports for the A1058 westbound bridge were lifted into place a few days ago and we have started the foundation work on the pedestrian and cycle bridges.”

The scheme is supporting the Year of the Engineering campaign, which aims to inspire young people to consider engineering as a rewarding career. The A19 Coast Road scheme employs six graduates or apprentices and 60% of its workforce is from the North East.

Watch the latest update video:

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