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Winvic adds to social value at Weddington Primary School

Winvic Construction Ltd have added to their portfolio of social value by supporting the construction of allotments at the Weddington Primary School in Nuneaton where the company is also building the Hinkley Park scheme.

Weddington Primary School students will now benefit from seven large, timber-framed planting beds as well as new tools to provide them with hands on experience of growing their own foods, with taking responsibility for the clearing the existing, and overgrown, allotment with help from Collins Earthworks.

Winvic then collaborated with WK Construction to dig out the existing layer of top soil before laying a bed of gravel and then also partnered with AA Lamb to install the planting beds as well as a new shed. The company Buildbase then provided the school with new tools.

The Winvic Senior Engineer on the Hinckley Park Project, Dan Barker stated: “We always get involved with community projects in areas close to our sites and we find the smallest of contribution can make a huge difference to people’s lives.

“From rebuilding sports courts to donating televisions, from removing fly-tipped to waste to restoring environments – as we have done in Nuneaton with the dilapidated allotment – Winvic aims to add value to communities it works in.

“The teachers at Weddington Primary School have been amazing to work with and the feedback we have received about how excited the children are is wonderful to hear. The Hinckley project will be complete in February 2020, so I hope the school will invite us back in the summer and we can sample some of their delicious crops.”

A Weddington Primary School Teacher and Eco Council Leader, Lesley Cockill added: “The allotment area looks fantastic. A simple thank you does not seem enough for everything that Winvic and all those involved have done – so many people from different firms gave their time at weekends and donated all the materials.

“We hope that when the team comes together with parents, carers and pupils at our opening celebration, they will really be able to see how appreciative we are. I am looking forward to seeing the children learn more about growing food as part of the green living work, we do and inspire them in new ways.”

The Hinkley Park development will see to the construction of a £150M logistics hub for DPD.

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