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YPO Launches Building Envelope Services DPS

YPO is pleased to announce that it has launched a new national Building Envelope Services DPS (Dynamic Purchasing System) valued at £500 million

This first-of-its kind DPS has been created in order to offer a full range of design, supply, project management, installation, restoration and maintenance for the external elements which make up the envelope of any type of building structure. A wide range of public sector organisations, including local authorities and schools can use the DPS to access a range of suppliers who have been through a pre-qualification process set up by YPO.

Organisations will benefit from the DPS as its more flexible than a traditional public sector framework, with awarded suppliers being able to come on board at any time during the lifetime of the DPS, while still offering a compliant way to tender for contracts.

There are currently 20 providers available on the DPS, across 10 categories with 85% of the suppliers being SMEs. This helps public sector organisations generate greater social value through their spending.

YPO’s Head of Public Sector Gavin Rimmington said: “The launch of this DPS provides a flexible way for customers to access a range of suppliers, for a variety of external building services from start to finish. The 10 different categories help customers to establish quotes for surveying, right through to design, project management and then maintenance.

“Using the combined expertise of our suppliers and YPO, the Building Envelope Services DPS provides everyday yet essential services while offering great financial value for money and continuous support from YPO throughout the life of awarded contracts. To add to this, sourcing highly effective SME providers to serve the DPS has meant that organisations can stimulate local economic growth through their spend.”

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