Heating & Ventilation

Real Estate Must Move with the Times

Liviu Tudor writes about why the commercial and corporate real estate sector must fast adapt to the challenges posed by the pandemic

Patent of the Month: Cavity Wall Drainage

With everyone having to stay at home over the last year, many people have been inspired to take on home improvement projects

Contractor to Deliver £24m Heating Upgrades

Thousands of residents who live in tower blocks in Leeds are set to benefit from cheaper and more reliable heating.

Edinburgh Architects Gain Queen’s Award

An Edinburgh-based architect, Kettle Collective, is calling for architects to be at the forefront when it comes to tackling carbon reduction

Developers Urged to Quit Fossil Fuels

Keith Bastian of Fischer Future Heat explains why housing developers should be putting an end to using fossil fuel heating systems asap

Guidance to Protect Historic Buildings Published

New technical guidance into the different methods of measuring moisture in historic buildings to protect them from climate change

Eddy currents: Turning-up Heat Generation

Although demand for heat energy is high, energy generated by renewable devices is almost exclusively geared towards producing electricity. 

50,000 Households to Get £562m Boost

50,000 households are to be upgraded with green improvements to reduce carbon emissions and support green jobs in the UK

Hanover Starts Green Housing

Hanover (Scotland) has received planning permission from Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park for its first social housing development

Leeds Invests £100M on Improving Housing

Leeds City Council has announced it is to invest £100m to help tenants save money and cut carbon over the next five years.