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Breaking ground on smarter approaches to technology in construction

In this article, Shirin Arnold at Dropbox provides some tips on how businesses can better adopt technology solutions

Robotics signals a new reality for construction – upskill or be left behind

In the last decade, the wider field of robotics has witnessed a significant uptake of robot technology in construction.

Surveying and construction: five key predictions for 2023

It is no exaggeration that last year was hugely eventful, with far-reaching implications, in this article we look at key trends in 2023.

Intelligent building: What ConTech trends are coming down the track in 2023?

With so many cutting-edge innovations coming forward to support construction professionals, this year’s likely to see even greater uptake of the latest tech.

Is component-based design a game changer for the construction industry?

What is component-based design, what the benefits are, and how you can maximize the value of a component library.

Next generation innovators powering UK towards net zero

Thirty-seven British companies will get a share of the £19M Energy Entrepreneurs Fund.

New project planning and risk system to aid programme efficiencies

As a contractor delivering 80km of the central section of HS2, EKFB has integrated machine learning technology to aid project delivery,

Fast forward to industrialisation

We are witnessing the industrialisation of construction processes, improving productivity, but challenges of reducing cost and waste remain

Understanding swarm robotics applications in construction

Swarm robotics is essentially a group of robots that work together to complete a task autonomously.

Underground construction innovation

A new collaboration between hyperTunnel and the University of Birmingham will accelerate underground construction innovation.