Software & Technology

British Bridges Built by Innovation

It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come with regards to bridge engineering. Our favourite bridges become a part of our natural environment.

Pledge to Get Rural Scotland Connected

The UK Government has expanded it plans to deliver next-generation broadband to hundreds of NHS surgeries, schools and other public sites

Building a Better Future Through Digital Investment

Mike Smith of Virgin Media Business writes about how a better future can be built by the construction industry by investing in digital.

Maximising Real-Time Information in Industry

Chris Potts discusses how over the next decade investments in robotics, AI and IoT will transform manufacturing processes. 

City & Guilds Launches New Course

City & Guilds Group has launched its brand new course to help people who work in industries which have been impacted by COVID-19

Guidance to Protect Historic Buildings Published

New technical guidance into the different methods of measuring moisture in historic buildings to protect them from climate change

What’s Next For the Construction Sector

Paul Israel discusses what COVID has meant for businesses and how construction and waste management will play a role in the UK's recovery

Digital Portal for Green Tech Launched

UK Power Networks has launched a portal to make it quicker and easier for installers to connect clean technologies to homes and businesses.

Colchester Open Access Network Kickstarted

VX Fiber has kick-started the build of a full fibre open access network throughout Colchester. The project is a part of councils wider plan

Managing the Risk from Drones to Construction Projects

Commercially available drones have gone from something used by hobbyists to an important tool for businesses and governments