Software & Technology

Adopting digital transformation

Does the construction industry have the right skills for digital transformation?

Modular industry is thriving

An MPBA report shows that the volumetric modular industry is thriving across all sectors.

What’s holding back BIM?

BIM is one of the chief ways the construction industry is embracing digitisation and its growth over the past decade has been rapid.

Yotta for Highways Management

Yotta have been awarded a contract to deliver strategic asset management from Warwickshire County Council (WCC).

Critical Infrastructure Interdependency: barrier or opportunity?

Dr Maryam Imani at Anglia Ruskin University examines the interdependency of critical infrastructure in the UK.

Email hacking – the thorny question of liability

In this article, Michael Gerard explains how the law views liability when email fraud has been committed.

Speeding up construction methods

There are a reported 8.4 million people in England who are affected by the current housing shortage

An interview with a PropTech Director

UKCO interviews an expert in PropTech in the form of Adam Blaxter Paliwala.

Are MMCs the only possible solution to the housing crisis?

Have traditional house-builders had their day in trying to solve the housing crisis?

‘Temporary buildings’ could offer a solution to the UK housing crisis

Temporary building manufacturer HTS Industrial shares on the benefits of modular builds.