See how these futuristic construction robots build

Here are the robots that are being used in construction, from metal welding robotic arms to drone sprayers. These are the companies and robotics startups that are highlighted in this video:

  • MX3D metal welding robot building a bridge
  • MuDD Architects using drones to build structures
  • AIST and their humanoid construction robot that puts up drywall
  • Construction Robotics with their automated masonry and bricklaying robot
  • Advanced Construction Robotics and their Tybot which builds bridges by tying rebar together
  • Canvas and their drywall robot worker
  • Volvo’s HX01 self driving construction truck and vehicles
  • Demolition robots by Husqvarna
  • Boston Dynamics and their robot dog Spot being used on construction sites
  • Transforma Robotics and Pictobot – the commercial painting robot
  • FBR’s house and structure building robot

Source: VentureX – Futuretech