Time-lapse footage shows giant steel beams installed

Time-lapse footage from National Highways shows specialist teams using a 750-tonne crane to lift 32 giant steel beams into place at Binley junction, Coventry.

The scheme is part of a congestion-busting upgrade to alleviate queues for drivers, as drivers staying on the A46 will not need to slow down for the roundabout.

National Highways Project Manager, Bryan Bradley, said: “This new time-lapse footage shows the methodical and complex work of putting the beams into place as part of our upgrade at Binley junction.

“Given the scale of the task involved, the beams were lowered into place using specialist equipment.

“We’re making good progress on the upgrade and once the work is complete, it will alleviate congestion at a well-known bottleneck on the A46.

Work at Binley junction started last year (2020) and is set to be complete by Spring this year (2022).

The scheme also includes improvements to the existing footways for pedestrians and cycle paths.

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