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Thermal water system technology could reduce energy bills

In a world that is growing more conscious of energy consumption and sustainability, consumers are looking for solutions that not only make life comfortable but have a low environmental impact too.

Our home heating systems are central to these efforts, with modern heating systems harnessing the power of technology to become more energy-efficient, aiming to decrease carbon emissions while also cutting costs.

Modulating energy consumption to reduce bills

Octopus Energy Heating Limited, part of Octopus Energy Group, has unveiled a cutting-edge innovation in published patent, GB2609902, that leverages technology to optimise and reduce energy consumption. Specifically, the patent is directed to a computer-implemented method for modulating energy consumption in water provision systems.

The patent revolves around the dynamic control of a water provision system in buildings. In essence, it provides a system which is able to accurately predict when peaks in energy consumption are likely to occur – for example, at the end of the working day, and adjust how it heats water accordingly.

When there is a high energy demand in a region, the system switches from using traditional electrical heating elements to a thermal energy storage medium, saving on costs and reducing demand on the power grid. The system takes advantage of off-peak periods when energy is cheaper, to store  thermal energy which can then be used during peak periods, reducing energy costs significantly.

The system’s decision-making process relies on real-time data. Energy tariffs that reflect national or regional energy demands, act as the indicator for implementing energy modulation.

By responding in real-time to energy tariffs, homeowners can enjoy the comfort of a heated home whilst contributing to a significant reduction in peak-time energy consumption.

The method also allows the home to essentially ‘store up’ on heat during off-peak periods, making it a reservoir of warmth when most needed, ensuring efficiency in both energy and cost.

Innovation demonstrates market intent

For Octopus Energy Heating Limited, this patent is not just an innovation but a strategic asset. It places them at the forefront of the energy conservation movement and offers consumers a tangible solution that is both efficient and environmentally conscious.

Patented technologies can provide a competitive edge for businesses. A patent not only offers exclusive rights to the invention but signals to the market a commitment to innovation. Patent ownership can also open the door for licensing opportunities, collaborations and even help to attract investors.


Mark Sugden, partner and patent attorney in the Advanced Engineering group at European intellectual property firm, Withers & Rogers.

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