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Pipeline Framework: Electronic Preparation and Presentation of Evidence – Video Conferencing


A pipeline has been launched for Electronic Preparation and Presentation of Evidence – Video Conferencing.The contract start Date is 30 October 2019. Approach to market date is 19 August 2019.2.1 When presenting cases in court, victims and prosecution witnesses (including expert witnesses) are normally required to attend the court in person. However, there are cases where this is not possible including:2.1.1 Infirmity or Ill health preventing travelling to the court2.1.2 Location of witness or victims renders personal attendance impractical 2.1.3 The desire of witnesses not to attend in person at high profile cases 2.1.4 Where the witness/victim is already in prison and would present a danger to themselves or others if they were to attend court in person2.1.5 Where the security requirements surrounding the court case makes it more practical to provide evidence by video/audio link2.1.6 Any other reason2.2 Where the above applies, it is essential that any video and audio link:2.2.1 Is highly secure and not subject to interference by unauthorised persons2.2.2 Access to images and audio is only available to those that are strictly involved in the caseThis is a potential opportunity from the government, and the pipeline gives advance notice of an opportunity that might be offered by the public sector in the future – allowing potential suppliers to plan accordingly. When a public sector organisation publishes a pipeline notice, it does not necessarily mean that an opportunity will be offered in the future.For more information contact: CPS, Foss House, Peasholme Green, York YO1 7PX. Tel: 01904545479. Email: (Moya Richardson)