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Pipeline Framework: Hackney New School Refit & Plantroom Works


A pipeline has been launched for Hackney New School Refit & Plantroom Works.The contract start Date is 31 March 2021. Approach to market date is 28 January 2021.The Department for Education requires a suitably experienced Contractor to express their interest to tender for the internal room modification and reconfiguration works, as well as M&E services including the replacement of existing boiler pumps at Hackney New School. The project is being procured on a D&B basis.Hackney New School is a recently built school, located between Kingsland Road and Downham Road, in Hackney, inner northeast of London. The address is 317-319 Kingsland Rd, Dalston, London E8 4DL. The school is comprised of 3 blocks, built approximately 5 years ago and it houses 900 secondary pupils.The client requires a number of internal alterations, and resolution to a number of mechanical and electrical items. The following key items have been identified as required to be undertaken as part of this scheme:1. Conversion of existing classrooms to new food tech room and conversion of existing offices to a new resistant materials workshop. (Approx. GIFA – 209m2)2. Convert some music practice rooms to offices and enclose the first floor atrium with partially glazed, partially solid walls. (Approx. GIFA – 66m2)3. Plant room maintenance works, reconfiguration to the BMS and associated works and replacement of 7 no. boiler pumps.The Contractor will be procured on a full design and build basis (inclusive of PCSA agreement) for these works.The target construction programme runs from 28/07/21 to 31/08/21 during the summer period. The project is scheduled to be handed over to the school in September 2021 for a normal school opening.The contracting authority considers that this contract may be suitable for economic operators that are small or medium enterprises (SMEs). The Contractor will be responsible for developing, agreeing and finalising the design following client engagement meetings as well as undertaking the overall construction of the works during the summer holiday period before handover to the school.Appointment of contractor will be on the basis of the criteria to be published in the tender documents, and the contract will be awarded on the basis of the following split: Qualitative assessment 60% & Quantitative assessment 40%. As part of the Qualitative assessments the Contractor must demonstrate a capability to manage and undertake such work while achieving programme. All eventual tenders must be demonstrated to be under budget as part of the Quantitative assessment, any bids considered over budget will be scored as deficient.Contractors wishing to receive the tender documentation for this project should respond to Chris Bullough at the email address below.This is a potential opportunity from the government, and the pipeline gives advance notice of an opportunity that might be offered by the public sector in the future – allowing potential suppliers to plan accordingly. When a public sector organisation publishes a pipeline notice, it does not necessarily mean that an opportunity will be offered in the future.For more information contact: Mace Limited, Moorgate Hall,155 Moorgate, London EC2M6XB. Tel: 07810718140. Email: [email protected] (Chris Bullough)