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£43 Million M6 Junction Improvement

Aerial photographs show how much progress Highways England have made since it started its £43 million project at J19 near Knutsford.

Work on installing a new bridge through the existing roundabout, and over the M6 to link sections of the A556 began in earnest in March 2020, and now the first aerial pictures of the work show how one of the most challenging construction projects in the region is taking shape, as the bridge foundations in the central reservation and carriageway verges are installed.

Highways England’s Kennedy Muzira, Senior Project Manager said: “This new bridge through the roundabout and over the M6 will create a better flow of traffic between the motorway and the A556. This will speed up journeys and reduce congestion around the roundabout. There will also be improvements for pedestrians and cyclists.

“The new aerial photos show how much progress we’ve made in the last few weeks. We’d like to thank users of the motorway and the A556 for the patience they have shown while we have installed traffic management to enable us to get this complex construction project underway.”

The new bridge is set to open next summer, after a complex operation this winter to lift the bridge beams into place and construct the new deck over the M6.  Whilst preparation work such as establishing a construction, compound occupied the first weeks of the project, permeant work such as installing piled foundations for the bridge piers is now underway.

The upgrade also requires a large amount of heavy plant equipment on the sire, and tight working spaces require narrow lanes, and a 50mph speed limit. These have been recently installed along a short section of the motorway under the roundabout, to help create a safe working space for construction workers.

All work and preparation work are being done, and will continue to be done, in accordance with the latest COVID-19 guidelines as released by the UK Government. With all Highways England sites having strict safeguarding measures to prevent the spread of the virus, with no sites being open to the public either.

The improved M6 junction 19 will tie into the A556 Knutsford to Bowdon bypass which opened three years ago. It will also complement the smart motorways already completed or underway in the north Midlands and Cheshire.

Anyone seeking information about forthcoming traffic management arrangements can sign up for the project’s weekly traffic management bulletin – available from the project webpage at: or by emailing the project team at [email protected].

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