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BAM Participates in Trial Innovation of 5G

BAM is set to be part of a new Government-funded trial to explore the potential of 5G to improve people’s lives and help build back better from the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is one of nine projects which have received funding as part of a £28.3 million joint investment between the Government and businesses to test how the country could seize the full benefits of 5G and which will also help British industries capitalise on the power of modern technology.

5G Create is part of the UK Government’s £200 million investment into testbeds and trials throughout the UK to explore ways in which this new tech can boost productivity as well as to grow existing businesses or spark new ones. In the second round of the competition, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) has provided £15.2 million to be shared across nine projects, with the remaining £13.1 million coming from project partners.

Minister for Digital Infrastructure Matt Warman said: “The Government has put £200 million behind some of the UK’s most enterprising innovators to explore how 5G can accelerate growth in key industries. I look forward to seeing how this new era of mobile technology can empower construction firms to work smarter, shorten delivery times and cut costs.”

BAM Nuttall will explore how 5G can support the construction industry, by testing 5G powered cameras, drones, and sensors at construction sites throughout Scotland, at Kilsyth, Glasgow and Shetland.

The project working as 5G AMC 2 (Accelerate, Maximise and Create for Construction) seeks to explore how 5G can enable the use of data to maximise productivity of construction processes. The project will set up a private 5G network at construction firm BAM Nuttall’s regional office in Kilsyth, Scotland and a construction project in Shetland, using cameras, drones, mixed reality and IoT sensors to monitor construction process and track assets.

The UK Government’s Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland, Iain Stewart, said: “The UK Government is funding 5G innovation trials to help Scottish industry harness the opportunities and possibilities 5G offers.

“5G is an exciting technology, with higher connection speeds and capacity having potential to enable the use of innovate technology, transforming industry. I’m delighted this significant UK Government investment is funding such an important project in Scotland.”

Colin Evison, Head of Innovation at BAM Nuttall, said: “We are really excited to join the 5G Create programme and have the opportunity to further develop our digital capability that will help us in our mission to build sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives. We believe the project outcomes will benefit our business and the wider construction industry in its drive to improve productivity.”

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