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Construction Utilises New Platform

Cadline’s platform DynamicAIM is addressing a major crisis for building and asset owners, and in turn it is providing the ‘golden thread’ required in the construction and housing industry.

The first of its kind, DynamicAIM is an all-in-one solution for digitising build details including BIM, survey and asset information. It enables property owners and managers to securely preserve and access vital information when it is needed. Local authorities, housing, developers and manufacturing sites are amongst the first to adopt DynamicAIM, including associations such as Peabody and Wolverhampton Council.

A spokesperson for Peabody said: “As our go-to 3D survey and BIM supplier, Cadline’s DynamicAIM helps us digitise our stock and centralise data whilst working towards conforming to the Hackitt report and new government guideline.”

Asset owners are facing a critical point for building safety as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has just revealed new guidance on which types of properties require additional inspections. This means asset owners need to be prepared to hand over vital information at any time, as outlined in the Hackitt report.

Where build details, drawings, measurements, certifications and manuals would traditionally be produced manually and stored separately, the ability to digitally store and view all details in one platform means asset managers are able to more effectively and safely maintain buildings and facilities. DynamicAIM is enabling firms to comply with the Building Safety Bill − which is likely to require a digital version of residential buildings above 18 metres.

Matt Lees, Head of Engineering at Cadline, said: “It is a building owner’s responsibility to preserve asset information in order to have the means to appropriately maintain the building and its contents. The failings in this regard are well documented throughout the Grenfell Tower fire inquiry and while property managers struggle to search for historical data that is either outdated, inaccurate, or no longer exists.

“Now, all asset details from specific measurements right through to large-scale plans can be shared among architects, stakeholders, fire engineers and safety managers in one platform. This has been critical for those addressing immediate safety requirements, and to provide better transparency for stakeholders, tenants and staff.”

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