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Planning inspectorate accepts application for Great Yarmouth river crossing

The Planning Inspectorate is reviewing designs for a highway river crossing for the river Yare in Norfolk.

The Planning Inspectorate accepted for examination an application by Norfolk County Council for a proposed new highway river crossing of River Yare, Great Yarmouth, connecting Harfrey’s Roundabout to the west of the Yare with South Denes Road to the east. In November 2017 Norfolk County Council was awarded £98m towards the anticipated £120 million costs of building the Third River Crossing by the Department for Transport and the highway was recognised as a nationally significant project by the Secretary of State for Transport in 2018.

A detailed examination period of the application and any other representations is expected to follow, which is likely to begin later this year and take up to six months. The council awarded the contract for design of the Third River Crossing to BAM Farrans, a joint venture between two BAM Nuttall and Farrans Construction.

Chief Executive of the Planning Inspectorate Sarah Richards said: “Shortly, the public will be invited to register as interested parties in this proposal, giving them their first opportunity to make formal representations to the Inspectorate whether they object to or support the project.”

“Everyone who registers in the correct way can be sure that their evidence will be considered by the independent Examining Authority who will be appointed to examine the case. A major priority for us over the next few weeks is to continue our work with communities who are affected by this proposal, to ensure that the process is understood, and people know how and when to register as an Interested Party.”

Since their appointment, BAM Nuttall and Farrans Construction have finalised the design of the twin leaf bascule bridge with the counterweights below-deck. BAM Farrans will also construct the bridge on behalf of the County Council.

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