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Henry Riley appointed as lead consultant for Morpeth leisure project

The property and construction consultancy company Henry Riley has been appointed as the lead consultant on a project to provide a new leisure centre to Morpeth in Northumberland.

Henry Riley’s appointment to this position on the project means that they will be responsible for work surrounding quantity surveying, employer’s agent duties, and principal designer services.

Construction of the Morpeth leisure centre will cost a total figure of £21M, with the centre itself scheduled to feature a 25-metre swimming pool, a sports hall, spa facilities, a fitness suite, fitness studios, a library, a customer service centre, and an adult learning area.

Commencement of this project will occur in 2020 while completion is not forecast until 2021.

Meanwhile, in the nearby town of Berwick, another leisure centre is planned for construction, on which Henry Riley has likewise been appointed as the lead consultant.

Construction of the Berwick leisure centre will cost a total sum of £20M and will be delivered at roughly similar times to the Morpeth centre, featuring facilities such as a 25-metre swimming pool, a sports hall, an outdoor all-weather football pitch, a fitness suite, fitness studios, and spa facilities.

In contrast to the Morpeth centre, however, the Berwick leisure centre can only commence once the Swan Centre, which currently sits upon the planned construction site, is demolished.

The Senior Associate at the Newcastle office of Henry Riley, Joel Neasham stated: “We are delighted to be involved in two schemes that will bring a much-needed boost to Northumberland’s thriving leisure scene. Both centres will have top-quality facilities that will benefit residents of Berwick and Morpeth, as well as those living further afield.

“There is a huge demand for this type of facility as consumers increasingly take up fitness and well-being activities to lead a healthier lifestyle. Health and well-being are important considerations for many people nowadays, so we are delivering services that make it easier for them to adopt this lifestyle.”

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