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Redevelopment of A585 Norcross Roundabout begins

Highways England has announced that construction is now underway at the A585 Norcross Roundabout in Lancashire wherein the entire motorway feature will receive a new motorway island, traffic lights, and crossing points for both pedestrians and cyclists.

According to older reports, the Norcross Roundabout has been the cause of considerable traffic, congestion, and extended journeys for some time, meaning that the improvements which this new project will deliver should create safer, faster, and fairer journeys for commuters and local residents.

In regard to funding, the five-arm roundabout in the North West will be upgraded through the £220M Congestion Relief Fund, £27M of which is reserved for projects in the North West region.

Under this funding are covered various other projects in the region: including the £1M improvement of the A595 and A66 Fitz Roundabout near Cockermouth in Cumbria, the £1.6M widening the A595 and A66 junction at Great Clifton near Workington, the £800,000 improvement of the roundabout traffic lights at the A585/M55 Junction Three near Blackpool, and finally £21M-worth of small-scale projects across the region.

Upon the completion of the of the Norcross Roundabout, work will then commence on the £100M new A585 Bypass between Windy Harbour and Skippool.

Various road closures have taken place since the project commenced, with the current project commencement being the third phase of the overall scheme, requiring the closure of Norcross Lane and the occasionally closure of Fleetwood Road South.

The Highways England Project Manager, Jan De Jong stated: “We would like to thank local people for their patience and support as we work to improve this important junction. The closure of Norcross Lane at the junction is the last phase of significant traffic management as the fourth and final phase of the project, throughout March, will focus on finishing the expanded roundabout island.”

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