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Response extension for the A27 Arundel scheme

Highways England have organised an additional four week period for consultation respondents on the A27 Arundel improvement scheme to add their responses following a lengthy process which took place last year.

Arundel, in West Sussex, has been a severe congestion hotspot for some time now and Highways England has resolved to fix this issue by carrying out an improvement process that will establish a new route linking the two existing dual carriageway routes on either side of Arundel.

Six potential route options were presented over the course of the public consultation period, which was held last year, that would relieve the congestion bottleneck that has been causing so many problems, with the motorways in this area being outdated and unable to cope with modern road capacities.

The Highways England Programme Leader, Jason Hones stated: “We have always been upfront that we want to give people the best possible information to help them have their say on options for improving the A27 near Arundel.

“We have published a list of corrections to the materials from our consultation last Autumn to following a comprehensive review of the documents.

“The corrections do not change the overall conclusions of our assessment of the various options presented in the consultation materials, or the design of any of the six proposed scheme options.

“We are inviting anyone who gave a response to the consultation and who feels that this update changes their opinion on the proposals to amend their response to the consultation. We have published a brief explanation alongside each of the errors to help people understand their effect.”

According to Highways England, the A27 route in West Sussex is currently one of the worst congestion bottlenecks in the country, with 79 per cent of consultation respondents agreeing that the route needs improvement.

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