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CICV Forum Offers Understanding of Essential Work

A new infographic from the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum aims to provide greater clarity over what is essential work, and help the public to understand exactly what construction projects key workers can carry out.

The infographic was developed after key workers reported that they were being harassed and verbally abused during vital construction projects. Members of the forum have reported an increased number of tradespeople being intimidated and verbally attacked by members of the public whilst they are carrying out legitimate projects in line with CICV forum guidelines.

This new graphic has been developed in order to show a checklist of projects to help the public to understand the range of work which is classified as ‘essential’ and can therefore be undertaken by key workers.

John McKinney Secretary of Forum members the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, the Stone Federation and the Scottish Contractors Group, said: Essential construction work is not confined to building a major hospital for COVID-19, but we know that people might not be aware of this.

“Greater understanding is needed among the public to understand that the key workers carrying out such work aren’t flouting the rules – they are performing essential tasks and should be allowed to do so without the fear of abuse.”

The infographic is available for download here.

In addition to this, the Forum is also developing a series of signage for contactors to use and make it clear that any work which is being carried out is essential. The design can be printed out and inserted in van windows and properties, and will read “Key Worker: Carrying Out Essential Construction Work.”

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