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Investment provided to improve North Welsh transport

The Welsh Government has allocated a total sum of £20M for the provision of alternative transport links in the North Wales region, covering the delivery of options such as cycle routes, bus services, train stations, and most notably metro links.

Furthermore, this funding in North Welsh transport has been provided with the key example of the Deeside Industrial Park in mind, which has recently benefitted from the establishment of new cycle routes and a regular shuttle bus service.

Going into more detail, the Welsh Government has chosen to focus its investment upon the alternative transport sector as a means of progressing with their carbon emissions target while also providing the region with an integrated, modern, and efficient public transport network.

The Minister for Transport and North Wales, Ken Skates stated: “The North Wales Metro is a key part of this government’s programme to provide a more integrated and efficient transport system for the region. By investing in all modes of transport we are working to reach our climate change and sustainability aims and delivering economic growth by connecting people to businesses.

“Where work has already began on the Metro, for example the new active travel routes on the Deeside Industrial Park, we have seen the results with people using them not only to go to work but for leisure time with their families too.

“By improving bus services and providing park and ride facilities people will have a viable alternative to travelling by car to their place of work. Currently only a small percentage of people travel to Deeside by train and we want to change this. Increasing frequency on the Wrexham to Bidston line, an integrated Shotton station and the Deeside Parkway station all serve to address this.

“The £20M I am announcing today is good news for North Wales, allowing us to continue with the drive to have an integrated and efficient transport system for the region.”

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