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Kier Reappointed to Gloucestershire Framework

Kier have been awarded a place on both lots of Gloucestershire County Council’s £95 million Major Construction Works Framework. Lot 1 is for projects valued between £150K to £450K and has an estimated value of £5m-£19m. Lot 2 is for projects valued at £450k and over and has an estimated value of £40m-£76m.

This is the fourth iteration of the framework, which has been running since 2003, with Kier being on it since it began, having been awarded 58 projects. More than 90% of these projects have been delivered in a live environment, including the much needed refurbishment of Shire Hall, Gloucestershire County Council’s Head Office which has remained open to employees throughout the regeneration, and which also saved the council a considerable amount of money.

Managing Director at Kier Regional Building Central, Mark Pausey said: “Our experience and knowledge of both the framework and delivering projects for public sector clients is instrumental in this appointment.

“100% of the team working on the framework live in Gloucestershire, giving us unrivalled knowledge of the area. During our time on the framework, we have been able to commit an 86% spend to local SMEs, have had a 76p return on social value for every £1 spent and have collaborated with Gloucestershire county council to deliver its most energy efficient project to date, which will start on site in spring 2020.”

This framework is open to Gloucestershire County Council, District Councils, Paris and Town Councils, as well as public buildings predominantly within Gloucestershire, however, it is also open to public clients in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.

It has also been designed to allow the quick selection of suitable contactors for commissions to suit the users’ requirements, build up working relationships to the benefit of contractors involved, as well as the users and to improve the efficiency on the capital works programme.

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