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Landmark Regeneration Project Proposed

Property development company MHA has announced that a planning application has been submitted for the development of Fisherman’s Dock in Poole.

In a prime location, along Poole’s historic Quay, the application is looking to further enhance the iconic setting through a comprehensive regeneration project, which will see the construction of 228 apartments and a 118-bed boutique hotel complete with a rooftop restaurant, bar and commercial space.

With fantastic views overlooking the harbour, the new private and affordable apartments will be spread across four distinctive buildings, specifically designed to reflect Poole’s quayside heritage.

Along with this, the proposed hotel and 8,600 sq ft of commercial space will be available for a range of uses, including leisure and retail. This will cater to Poole’s growing tourism business, attracting visitors as well as creating much needed employment opportunities.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, MHA conducted a virtual public consultation on the project. Thanks to the help of its dedicated project team, a consultation website and animated sketch video was created, with a specific platform enabling local residents and businesses to comment and interact with the development proposals.

Hossein Abedinzadeh, Founder of MHA, commented: “This project is inspired by the rich history of the site and its local surroundings; not only will Fisherman’s Dock regenerate this part of Poole, it will also give back to the local community with the provision of valuable homes and employment opportunities. This fantastic project will embrace the heritage of the site and create a prime cultural, commercial and residential destination in the heart of Poole.”

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