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Mott MacDonald Add to Digital Solutions Platform

Mott MacDonald’s embodied carbon accounting and planning solution has become the latest addition to the company’s digital solutions platform, Moata.

Moata Carbon Portal supports clients that recognise the importance and value of reducing carbon in construction by offering rapid calculations and insights that highlight major opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

The Carbon Portal was launched more than four years ago in response to the urgent need to manage carbon in construction, to address climate change. As the industry’s first carbon calculator for building information modelling (BIM) designed assets, it has helped to deliver low carbon outcomes for Mott MacDonald and its clients alike, in line with the Carbon Management for Instructure standard, PAS 2080.

By making the portal part of the Moata digital platform, it will help clients understand the capital and operational carbon emissions of infrastructure assets. It also allows designers to quickly identify hotspots during the optioneering phase, facilitating low-carbon design when decision making is more flexible.

Kim Yates, Head of Moata Carbon Portal said: “We’ve given all our colleagues access to the portal to help them cut carbon and costs as much as possible. Through rapid real-time carbon calculations based on rich data and our deep domain knowledge insights, we are perfectly placed to help clients from all industries with their carbon mitigations and physical adaptions on current and future projects. This will help them work towards a net-zero future and deliver those essential low carbon outcomes.”

Moata Carbon Portal is currently being used by Auckland Council and Watercare in New Zealand, as well as Affinity Water and JBA in the UK as part of their low-carbon delivery strategy.

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