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New COO at Social Profit Calculator

Following a sustained period of growth at the Social Profit Calculator, the organisation is pleased to announce that Sarah Coughlan has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The Social Profit Calculator is a software platform which has been accredited by both Social Value UK and Social Value International. Led by an expert team, the organisation provides a wide range of services to help businesses and public sector organisations accurately to measure the social value they generate.

Ms Coughlan joined the Social Profit Calculator in 2018 in a front-end developer role focusing on working on technical development of the organisation’s products and has worked her way up to Head of Development. In her new role as COO, she will be working with industry leaders on integrating sustainable methodologies for social value into built environment practices.

Sarah Coughlan said: “The importance of social value has been growing over recent years, particularly within the built environment sector, and we’re of course still feeling the impact of COVID-19 at present, so I’m thrilled to be moving into this new role at what is a really interesting point in time.

“As an organisation, we were really pleased to see the government’s new measures for social value announced last month. In the wake of COVID-19, people will need to see the impact of every pound invested and these new measures will mean that central government will – from 1 January 2021 – need to go further than the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2021 to ensure that all major procurement explicitly evaluate social value, rather than just consider it.

“I’m very much looking forward to getting started in this new position and working with the wider team and organisations throughout the industry to make a real, demonstrable change in how we view and measure social value.”

Executive chairman and chief executive officer Gerard Toplass, who is also executive chairman of national framework organisation Pagabo and software solutions organisation Sypro, said: “Since joining the company, Sarah has shown dedication to our customers, the team and the product development that sets us apart from other organisations, so we’re really pleased to be announcing her appointment as COO.

“I look forward to working closely with Sarah, the board and the rest of team as we look forward and work with the wider industry to embed social value at the heart of all built environment endeavours.”

At the same time as Sarah stepping into this new role, Social Profit Calculator’s co-founder Mark Bolger will be standing down from day-to-day operations but will stay involved in the company as a shareholder and contributor.

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