Thames Tideway and a link to London’s past

Benjamin Craig, R&D tax manager at Ayming UK, explores the link between the Thames Tideway Tunnel and London's original sewer system.

Imperative for resilient UK infrastructure

Infrastructure is at the heart of the UK’s economy and productivity, running through transport, communication, energy, water supply and sewage systems. To prevent significant disruption to our transport, economy, well-being or even loss of life, it’s essential that infrastructure is protected and scenarios explored to help counter threats such as

How sustainable construction is key to government’s Clean Growth Strategy

With the publication of the Clean Growth Strategy, the Government has outlined how it plans to reduce the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Sustainable surfacing for roads and runways

In this article we speak with Bruce Spencer-Knott, Director, Minster Surfacing, about sustainability in road surfacing.

Sustainability within construction: Waste not, want not.

Contractors are under pressure to reduce site waste, we talk to Fusion Building Systems about more efficient methods.

Environmental monitoring and its role in the life cycle of a construction site

If your site suffers a pollution incident, how do you go about repairing the damage?

Driving towards new sustainability challenges

Chris Evans looks at what the future holds for built environment professionals working to construct this brave new world.

Sherford, leading the revolution in sustainable development

To date, the Sherford Consortium has invested more than £1.6M towards eco-friendly initiatives onsite.

The importance of infrastructure in tackling housing crisis

In our focus on infrastructure, we turn to look at the housing crisis and why infrastructure is crucial.

Reduce costs by reducing waste

How reducing waste can improve productivity, save companies money and make for a healthier working and living environment.