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Amec Foster Wheeler announce 100RC partnership

The partnership with 100 Resilient Cities will provide data to help strengthen those cities involved.

Amec Foster Wheeler has announced a partnership that will enable cities to plan for weather that causes destruction.

Urban resilience will be built thanks to the partnership with 100 Resilient Cities (100RC) which will give access to the best technology to plan for inclement weather, and events such as earthquakes that can cause devastation on a mass scale.

Pioneered by The Rockerfeller Foundation, 100RC is committed to helping cities be prepared for physical, social and economic challenges, including the likes of fires, floods and earthquakes, along with everyday stresses that can weaken the fabric of a city.

The 67 cities already signed up benefit from support to build up resilience, financial and logistical guidance, membership to a global network of cities with this membership that can share guidance and learn from each other, as well as access to the best guidance to develop resilience strategies.

Amec Foster Wheeler’s position in this partnership is crucial, as its state-of-the-art data will be used to give cities forecasts on extreme weather, how these patterns will in turn impact infrastructure and will give fair warning to any other natural event.

The accuracy and advanced nature of the data means that cities will be able to pinpoint which parts of their infrastructure are at most risk, be it a road, railway line, runway or bridge.

This in turn means that those involved will be able to plan for tropical storms, hurricanes, snowstorms, earthquakes, ensuring that damage created is minimal and the weak points of each city can be corrected by harnessing such data.

Chief Executive at Amec Foster Wheeler, Samir Brikho, believes the partnership will help cities “thrive”.

He said: “Partnering with 100RC will enable us to harness our worldwide expertise in sustainability, emergency management, weather forecasting, environment and infrastructure to enhance cities’ capacity to thrive when experiencing shock and stress.”

The cities such as London, Sydney and Rio De Janeiro who are part of 100RC can expect to benefit from access to extreme weather forecasting, and data management support, to the point that even everyday occurrences such as heavy snow that can delay flights, or torrential rain which causes train cancellation can be planned for and minimised.

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