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Bill to boost social housing in Wales set to be introduced

Proposals that would see the Right to Buy scheme abolished have been introduced in the National Assembly for Wales.

The Welsh government hope that the measures will alleviate the existing pressure on the numbers of social housing and encourage the construction of new housing.

Once successfully passed, the Bill will see the Right to Buy and Right to Acquire will end for new homes two months after gaining Royal Assent.

It is hoped that this will encourage social landlords to build new homes knowing they won’t face the risk of the properties being sold after only a relatively short period.

A period of at least one year will be given tenants to exercise their rights if they want to buy their home should the Bill be successful

Ahead of the Bill’s introduction, Communities Secretary Carl Sargeant commented: “Our social housing is a valuable resource, but it is under considerable pressure. The size of the stock has declined significantly since 1980 when the Right to Buy was introduced. The number of sales is equivalent to 45% of the social housing stock in 1981.

“This has resulted in people in housing need, many of whom are vulnerable, waiting longer to access a home they can afford.

“We have set an ambitious target of creating 20,000 affordable homes in this term of government. Alongside social housing this will include schemes such as Help to Buy and Rent to Own to enable people on modest incomes to own their own homes.

“We are supporting low cost home ownership and we are expanding the social housing stock. Abolishing the Right to Buy will complement these other actions we are taking in order to support people in housing need.”

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