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CIOB outlines key points for the next government

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) has provided the next government with five interlinked policy proposals to study ahead of the General election next month.

The CIOB’s manifesto ‘Building the Case for Construction’ outlines five key objectives:

  1. Continue support for the Industrial Strategy and recognise construction’s role in improving productivity
  1. Work alongside the construction industry to support a robust system for training and skills development
  1. Recognise and address both the opportunities and risks that Brexit will bring
  1. Ensure quality is at the heart of the nation’s construction programme
  1. Focus on regional investment in construction to rebalance the UK economy

The CIOB will encourage prospective members of Parliament to consider the importance of the built environment both at a local and national level and has also provided questions for CIOB members and non-members to ask prospective candidates.

Chris Blythe OBE, Chief Executive of the CIOB said: “The quality of our built environment affects every member of society. Construction creates and maintains the places that people live, work and play, the infrastructure that supports them and the services that sustain them. And it is vital that those elected to represent their constituents in Parliament understand this.

“Our manifesto showcases how construction can act as a solution to major policy issues. Our proposals are interlinked, showcasing the need for a collaborative approach to productivity, skills, quality, investment and Brexit.

“It is crucial that policy makers appreciate the contribution of the construction sector: the decisions made today will be felt for decades and generations.”

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