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Housing Development Conditionally Approved

Stirling Council has given provisional approval to plans to build 800 new homes near Bannockburn. The planning permission was put in by Tulloch Homes and Persimmon Homes, with the two housebuilders intending to turn vacant land next to Purnhall and Bannockburn into a major new development.

The proposals see 800 new homes, with 25% set to be affordable. Along with this, there would also be local retail/commercial units, a new primary school, a park and ride and golf facilities. Last week, Stirling Council’s planning and regulation panel approved the plans, subject to a full application and a Section 75 Agreement.

On recommending the planning application for approval, Council planners said: “This proposal generally conforms to the details of the masterplan but there are some significant changes.

“Not only are new junction arrangements proposed at A872 Glasgow Road and A91, but this proposal does not include the upgrading of the existing Pirnhall Road. Instead it seeks to only utilise sections of Pirnhall Road, leaving the majority of it as a pedestrian and cycle way.

“A new road is proposed to the north of Pirnhall Road to serve the residential development within the site.”

Persimmon Homes’ Iain Innes added: “South Stirling Gateway is a key strategic development for both Persimmon Homes and Stirling Council. The development will boost the local economy, providing much-needed housing, both private sale and affordable.

“The development of a purpose-built new primary school and the creation of thousands of jobs can only be a positive for Stirling.”

At the meeting, the panel also gave conditional approvement for a new, significant office development next to the River Forth at Kildean. The plans include a three-storey office building, parking for up to 280 cars, coaches and cycles, as well as extensive landscaping and planting to create green infrastructure and encourage biodiversity.

This application was also approved subject to a number of conditions, the conclusion of a Section 75 Agreement or an alternative agreement to secure financial contribution to the City Area Transport Plan, and, delivery of the pedestrian/cycle paths.

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