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Scottish alliance for zero carbon homes

The Existing Homes Alliance Scotland has published a report setting out a credible pathway to making all homes in Scotland zero carbon by 2045.

It highlights the need for immediate action and a doubling of investment to improve the energy efficiency and heating of our homes at the pace and scale required to meet the Scottish Government’s new targets on fuel poverty and climate change.

The Alliance welcomed the commitment in the Programme for Government to accelerate the timetable for improving the energy performance for homes, though expressed disappointment that the details will not be published until December 2019.

As well as a more ambitious timetable for action, the report published by the Alliance calls for a doubling in investment from the current budget of around £119M per year to at least £240M per year. The report outlines how this funding would be used to support households of all tenures to: transition to new minimum energy efficiency standards, phase out fossil fuel heating in off-gas areas and support the expansion of low carbon, renewable heating systems.

Lori McElroy, chair of the Existing Homes Alliance Scotland said: “The Scottish Government has acknowledged that there is a global climate emergency. We welcome the fuel poverty and climate change targets and we know continuing ‘business as usual’ is not up to the task. Improving the energy efficiency of our homes is essential to meeting targets but will also transform people’s lives. Good quality, energy efficient homes are good for people’s health and well- being so in the long run they save money for the NHS. A ramp up in energy efficiency work will also create skilled jobs and support the economy across the whole country.”

“With the Scottish Government’s commitment to net zero by 2045, and ambition to end fuel poverty, there is no time for delay. The proposals for creating highly energy efficient and low carbon homes are ready to go. Now the Scottish Government needs to boost investment in the next Scottish Budget to match the scale of ambition. This will require a huge ramp-up in support for householders and landlords to help them improve the energy efficiency and heating of their homes.”

Ashley Campbell, CIH and Existing Homes Alliance member said: “Without increased investment in energy efficiency, fuel poverty will persist, and the Government will have to continue spending vast sums treating the effects rather than tackling the causes. We can’t leave people languishing in cold, damp homes any longer. The forthcoming Scottish Budget and the revised Energy Efficient Scotland route map are opportunities to show the Government’s commitments are serious.”

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