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Video: Did you put the bedroom away this morning?

Deriving its name from origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, the Ori system is a smart furniture system designed to make the most of space in today’s smaller modern living environments.

MIT Media Lab has teamed up with Swiss designer Yves Béhar to deliver a different way to optimise space in the home. The robotic moveable furniture can transform a one-bedroom apartment with limited room to one with enough space for a living room and study.

The system is designed for use in micro-sized apartments with less than 300 sq ft of space and can be customised by selecting different colours, materials and finishes.

The Ori system is operated via a control panel that allows changes to the layout, lighting and units to move forwards and backwards.

Preset buttons provide controls for different configurations for the bedroom, lounge and storage options.

Designer Yves Béhar commented: “Each room can be preset for a space, including preferred integrated lighting, so that one touch on the physical interface or on the corresponding app will morph the room.

“What Ori does is to maximize the functionality of a space; with robotic technology it creates a beautiful and transformative living and working environment that is unlike anything the world has seen.”

The system offers two variants – a ‘full system’ for a full-sized bed and a ‘queen system’ for a sliding queen-sized bed.

Hasier Larrea, Ori CEO, said the system could “fundamentally alter the experience and economics of the urban built environment”.

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