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RSE Building Services helps to install mental health sculpture

The company, RSE Building Services, provided support to the installation of a thought-provoking sculpture about mental health on King’s Boulevard, outside of King’s Cross Station in London, named ‘Talk to Me’.

The sculpture shines a light on the growing issue of mental health, depicting a cubic figure walking with its head down and with a heavy burden upon its shoulders, and was designed by the multi-award winning designer Steuart Padwick in partnership with the mental health charity, ‘Time to Change’.

RSE Building Services provided support to the artistic piece by carrying out the electrical installation works to the sculpture, allowing passers-by to engage with the sculpture through a Twitter page where people’s comments can change the colour of the lights on it.

The piece was on display at the popular commuter site between the 13th and 22nd of September.

The sculptor, Mr Padwick stated: “Many of us carry issues and burdens that hold us down and hold us back. For some, these are crippling, and for some they even lead to taking their own lives. These burdens can start so young and appear insurmountable, unresolvable. But often, communication is the key to unlocking the journey forward.

“Even when the burden is not overtly holding them down it is rarely far away. That is why one piece has the burden clearly on the shoulders, and with the other sitting piece, the burden is to one side – perhaps forgotten for a moment but always near.”

The Director of ‘Time to Change’, Jo Loughran added: “We know that being open about mental health, and being ready to talk and to listen, can change lives. We’re thrilled to be supporting ‘Talk to Me’, which will act as an unmissable reminder of the power of hearing and being heard. You don’t have to be an expert to talk – just being human, empathetic and caring is enough.”

The Managing Director of RSE Building Services, Russell Stilwell concluded: “After being involved with Steuart’s 2018 project, I was delighted to have the opportunity for my business to support this year’s project and raise further awareness of mental health in the city. As somebody who has experienced ill mental health first hand, this is something I’m extremely passionate about and to work alongside other individuals who share this passion is an honour.

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