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UK Connect Sole 5G Provider to UK Construction

UK Connect has announced that it has been officially granted ‘5G for Enterprise Branch Specialisation’ by wireless networking equipment brand Cradlepoint, meaning it is the UK’s sole construction connectivity provider to achieve this status.

Adding to a number of similar accreditations, it establishes UK Connect as Cradlepoint’s most-trusted UK installation and connectivity partner for construction projects. This recognition positions the brand as a key player in the rollout of 5G technology for the sector’s operations, which will enable clearer and faster on-site communication as well as a higher work quality.

5G for Enterprise Branch Specialisation is a Cradlepoint standard identifying and recognising partner organisations that possess the capability and proficiency to sell and install Cradlepoint’s 5G solutions.

To achieve this prestigious and highly desired accreditation, UK Connect had to meet a host of stringent criteria, including an already established position as a Cradlepoint Premier Partner and a watertight reputation as an Active Wireless WAN Practice.

UK Connect also needed to pass a number of tests to receive the specialisation certificate. This ranged from completing an in-depth programme of sales and technical courses to demonstrating proficiency in working with Cradlepoint’s 5G systems and the ability to sell them strategically, according to an outline business plan.

Outlining the decision to award the 5G specialisation to UK Connect, Darryl Brick, VP Partner Sales, EMEA from Cradlepoint, said: “Cradlepoint’s 5G for Enterprise Branch Specialised partners have invested in the 5G transformation and offer our customers services tailored for the new 5G wireless WAN.

“UK Connect is a highly skilled Cradlepoint partner and their expertise will guide our customers through the Pathway to 5G and help evolve their networks successfully. The team of dedicated sales and technical professionals at UK Connect, as well as their expertise in several key vertical markets, will help us guide customers on the journey beyond the wires.”

Commenting on the milestone, UK Connect Managing Director PJ Farr said: “A big congratulations to the whole of the company in coming together to achieve this result. Receiving this specialisation certification is a game-changer.

“It represents a major milestone in the company’s history, positioning us at the forefront of the UK’s 5G rollout and bringing its power and potential to the country’s vibrant community of housebuilders and developers. We look forward to working even closer with Cradlepoint, further demonstrating our unrivalled expertise in construction connectivity provision.”

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