Construction Corridor in the North gains £30M funding

£30M in funding has been awarded to the North of England to create a ‘Construction Corridor’.

BAM Nuttall gain a place on the Northern Powerhouse Programme.

BAM Nuttall became partners with Northern Powerhouse.

The green housing revolution

More houses, more jobs, more prosperity: The benefits of a Green Housing Revolution would go a lot further than you think.

New leisure centre developed in Chelmsford

Chelmsford City Council have announced the completion of the Riverside Leisure Centre.

North to lead MMC housing revolution

Esther McVey has launched the vision for a MMC ‘centre of excellence’ across the north.

Using the Energy Technology List to create cost and energy savings

The Energy Technology List (ETL) is as a trusted source of information for selecting energy efficient equipment.

TBM completes next step in the Thames Tideway project

One of two TBMs completed the next stage of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project.

Government introduces ECO standard for energy efficiency contractors

Low income homes in need of efficiency repairs will benefit from a new ECO trading standard.

Government awards £3M to four projects in Tayside

The Government has awarded a £3M to four projects in Tayside.

National Infrastructure Strategy: a risk-led approach to tackling sustainability

The one-year spending review said there will be money for a National Infrastructure Strategy.