HS2 completes 3,130 tonne second Wendover Dean Viaduct deck slide

New footage from HS2 shows the latest stage of a complex year-long project to slide almost half a kilometre of bridge deck into position, high above the Misbourne Valley in Buckinghamshire. Over a 20-hour period in May 2024, engineers working for the high-speed rail project carefully slid the 3,130 tonne structure 270 metres, using Teflon pads to reduce friction – a material usually found to the surface of a non-stick frying pan. The deck of the Wendover Dean Viaduct – which will eventually stretch for 450m – is being assembled in three stages, ranging from 90m to 180m sections, with each one pushed out from the north abutment before the next section is attached behind it. This painstaking process means that the weight of the deck will increase with each push, up from an initial 590 tonnes at the start of work in January – to 3700 tonnes by the end of the year.

Source: HS2