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Medical & Residential Scheme for Southwark

Nexus Planning is pleased to announce that it has secured a resolution to grant for a medical practice and car-free residential scheme at Falmouth Road, Southwark. The scheme is being designed by TAS Architects.

The medical practice will cater for 85% more patients in the area, and 41% of the residential units will be affordable housing. Wellbeing is at the heart of the design, which maximises natural daylight and views of trees from both the surgery and homes above.

The new medical practice at Falmouth Road will include improved facilities and will see double the existing floor space, from 520sqm to 147sqm. This size increase will allow for more patient capacity.

In addition to this, the scheme will also deliver 39 residential units, of which, 41% (16) will be affordable. The scheme will deliver a policy compliant unit mix, meaning mover 70% of the units will have two+ bedrooms The scheme exceeds policy requirements in terms of accessible units, delivering 15% of units as wheelchair accessible.

The Falmouth Road scheme also achieves high-quality residential design, with 95% of units being dual aspect, and all units having direct access to private open space. There will be 245sqm of communal amenity space by way of roof top terraces and the scheme will deliver a green, biosolar roof. Furthermore, the proposal is car-free and delivers considerable cycle parking. The site is highly sustainable, with excellent public transport accessibility.

Nexus Planning undertook detailed engagement in the lead up to application submission. This included multiple pre-apps and design reviews with the Council, two public exhibitions for local residents and engagement with the Met Police for SBD.

Rob Pearson, Executive Director at Nexus Planning London, comments: “We’re excited by this scheme, as we believe it delivers a number of public benefits in a highly sustainable location, including affordable housing, accessible housing, improved and enlarged medical facility. It’s been a collaborative effort to achieve an attractive and unique building design, working together with our client, Oak Narwana LLP; project architects, TAS Architects; and the Council’s design officer. Overall, it feels like the project team has gone over and above to deliver a fantastic new development – one that I hope will become an important part of Southwark community.”

The scheme is of high-quality design and integrates well with the newly refurbished Dickens Square Park. It was praised by Southwark Council’s design officers as “likely to be an extremely distinguished building at the heart of its community”.

Paul Thomas, TAS Architects Director, said: “Our design for this new, highly sustainable building centres on wellbeing, providing a healthy environment both for people using the GP surgery and for people living in the homes above. The outlook maximises natural daylight and views of the newly landscaped park, while cycle facilities promote a car-free lifestyle. We’re delighted that it has secured a resolution to grant planning, as we hope it will really raise the bar for the environment that healthcare facilities and new homes can provide.”

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