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Safe Working at New Coronavirus Hospital

A go-ahead Scottish company have achieved the seemingly impossible, whilst maintaining the highest standards of safe working, in order to get the new NHS Louisa Johnson temporary hospital up and running in Glasgow.

The MacGregor Flooring Company, based in Lanarkshire, have helped complete the equivalent of three months work in just five days in order to provide flooring for the 1,036 bed-bay hospital which officially opened on April 19th, 2020, after an exceptional communal effort.

The company worked in partnership with another flooring firm, the Hamilton-based business undertook the mammoth task at the SEC Campus, whilst working under the guidance of the newly established Construction Industry Coronavirus Forum (CICV).

the CICV Forum, is made up of the majority of professional bodies working in the construction industry in Scotland, issued guidance to companies and employees following Government orders that building sites that building sites with the exception of hospital work should close.

Crawford MacGregor, Director, said: “We weren’t sure if we would get the number of people required onsite to complete the works withing the timescale, and we thought many might be reluctant due to the potential risks of catching COVID-19.

“But it was the exact opposite. Not only did they step up, they actively wanted to be part of the team that ensured the facility was built and ready in the event that it was required in the current crisis.”

The project was also carried out in partnership with Veitchi Flooring Limited of Cambuslang.

Alan Wilson, who chairs the CICV Forum and is also Managing Director of electrical trade association SELECT, said: “There will always be situations in which construction work must go on – but it must go on safely, and what the MacGregor Flooring Company has achieved at Louisa Jordan is a perfect example of how to do it.

“It also shows that the guidelines which were issued by the CICV Forum to meet a set of unprecedented circumstances can be applied across the construction industry to mutually beneficial effect.”

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