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Whitepaper launch: Digital transformation within construction

Technology is an inexorable force, advancing through industry and business – changing the way we work, communicate and develop.

While resistant to this digital revolution for some time, the construction industry is now being dragged onto the digital pathway through government policy and persuasion, as well as by the advent of critical technology to help improve productivity.

Construction is one of the largest sectors in the UK representing around six per cent of GDP, yet along with agriculture, it is one of the least digitised sectors.

In this paper, produced for our partner Tracker, we investigate the state of technology within the construction industry. It is imperative that construction adopts more productive methods of creating the built environment and technologies coming on line can help propel the industry along. DOWNLOAD NOW!

The paper examines the Construction Sector Deal, which is seen by many as a game-changing piece of policy. Setting out an ambitious partnership between government and industry the ‘Deal’ aims to transform the sector’s productivity through innovative technologies and a more highly skilled workforce. The paper takes an in-depth look at the ‘Deal’ and its different applications.

In this paper we speak to Alison Nicholl, Associate Director at BRE, about becoming a digitally enabled sector. Alison examines how far the sector has come since 1998’s Egan Report ‘Rethinking Construction’ and why the sector has taken so long to join the digital revolution. She calls for new skills and knowledge to be brought into the sector to enable digital technology to be fully exploited.

Industry leaders, Sage, discuss how emerging technologies are shaping the future of construction and in particular how data collection can be exploited, artificial intelligence integrated and how effective adoption can provide benefits.

Construction indemnity specialist, Willis Towers Watson, examine the need for innovation within construction and take a look at current technologies that are breaking through – including BIM, drones and autonomous vehicles.

We speak to early adopters, Fusion Building Systems, who are integrating technology and offsite manufacturing techniques to produce an automated process for construction. By fully immersing itself in BIM and digital technologies, Fusion believes it is bringing together the ‘Golden thread’ which needs to run through all stages of the supply chain, builders, designer and client.

Finally, as there is more uptake for technology, we are reminded that cyber security becomes of ever more importance. We speak to secure software provide, Avecto, about what businesses can do to combat the ever-present cyber threat.

Find out where the construction pipeline is focussed for 2019 and where technological advancements will propel your business into the supply chain. According to IHS Markit and CIPS UK Construction Survey, hopes of a boost to growth in 2019 come from big ticket transport and energy infrastructure projects these projects are directly aligned to the National Infrastructure and Construction pipeline, which has a mission to encourage Modern Methods of Construction and encourage greater use of these techniques to improve productivity.

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Download your copy of Digital Transformation within the construction industry now!

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