The housing crisis is a much talked about topic, from construction managers, to house builders, government ministers to first-time buyers, and build-to-renters; in this edition, UKCE takes a look at the issues plaguing the housing industry and what the possible solutions are.
The government is pushing housing higher and higher up its agenda: a “million new homes” to be built was the first headline statistic to come out of the crisis, this was rapidly amped up, with more and more new homes added with every ministerial change.
However, many in the sector are questioning the government’s mettle; seeing the appointment of Kit Malthouse MP as the 17th Housing Minister in less than 20 years as an indication of where government focus truly lies.
Following the Farmer Report (which we look at in more detail with Mark Farmer himself on page 18) many companies are hailing the use of offsite manufacturing as the answer – and the government’s new Construction Sector Deal, certainly puts it at the forefront to answer the housing conundrum. In this issue we speak to experts in the industry to see what changes can fix the problem.

Victoria Maggiani

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