Welcome to the latest edition of UK Construction Excellence.

September has been an active month across the construction sector, with numerous announcements and projects taking off, such as the completion of the Queensferry Bridge and a new housing strategy for London.

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, released his vision for tackling the housing crisis in London earlier this month. The first draft has been put out for consultation and actively encourages residents to discuss housing needs and solutions in the capital. The strategy looks to free up land for building and concentrate on developing more affordable housing, with the aim of creating 90,000 affordable homes by 2021. Find out more about the strategy and reactions to it in our review on page 18.

In this edition we also look at digitising the construction industry and what it means for the sector; from connecting on site offices, to cyber security, and cloud payments. With GDPR on the horizon, the call is for all businesses to take cyber security seriously, now.

And, as always, we catch up with the latest contract news, industry movers and our guest contributors, inside.

Victoria Maggiani

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