Welcome  to the latest edition of UK Construction Excellence – celebrating the very best in British building.

There’s reason to be cheerful this month. According to RICS, the UK construction industry – so uncertain in the days immediately following the EU referendum – has reclaimed ground previously thought lost to Brexit. Both employment and workload expectancy have returned to pre-referendum levels, demonstrating the resilience of suppliers, contractors, engineers and architects across the country.

It’s an encouraging trend, and as the Government doubles down on its commitment to large-scale infrastructure schemes, the hope is that this will continue far beyond the spectre of Brexit.

Weighing in with expert opinion is Dr David Hancock, Head of Construction at the Cabinet Office, and Alan Muse, Global Director of Built Environment at RICS – both of whom speak exclusively to UK Construction Excellence about innovation and the outlook ahead for the industry as a whole.

All this and more can be found inside, along with contributions from guest commentators and breaking news from Great Britain and beyond.

Robert Atherton

Publications Editor

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