Following the collapse of construction giant Carillion, the industry has been in turmoil. Finance and legislation are the hot topics around the board room table and protecting the supply chain is of utmost importance.
This month’s issue looks at some of the important legal issues surrounding the industry, from how Brexit will affect Health & Safety law, to the stress late payments are putting on businesses.
The shockwaves sent through Carillion’s 30,000 strong supply chain are still being felt, and industry leaders are looking for answers. As the Aldous Bill gets its second reading, the industry awaits the verdict on the practice of payment retention, and in this issue we examine the current state of affairs.
Mental Health discussions are also on the rise in the industry. Recent figures point to the shocking statistic that suicide is more likely to kill a construction worker than a fall from height. With all the hype surrounding CDM regulations, will it be long before we see mental health regulations too?
We speak to figures within the industry about how to tackle the problem and how just talking to your colleagues and employees can make all the difference.

Victoria Maggiani

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